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Cedar Crest Competition Scholarship

A full-tuition scholarship awarded to first-year students who are winners of our annual Scholarship Competition Day. Students must have a 3.2 GPA and a 1030 SAT(CR+M) or 22 ACT to be eligible to compete.

$33,904* full tuition for up to four years
3.0 GPA required for renewal

*Based on full-time tuition fee. Scholarship covers full-time tuition minus any grants or scholarships.

Merit Scholarships

Merit scholarships are awarded to traditional, full-time first-year students based on academic criteria including but not limited to high school grade point average (GPA), SAT or ACT scores, and class rank.

Presidential Scholarship
$20,000 per year (2.5 GPA required for renewal)

Trustee Scholarship
$18,000 per year (2.5 GPA required for renewal)

Founders Scholarship
$16,000 per year (2.5 GPA required for renewal)

Dean's Scholarship
$14,000 per year (2.25 GPA required for renewal)

High School Achievement Scholarship
$12,000 per year (2.25 GPA required for renewal)

Talent Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded in Art, Communication, Dance, Forensic Speech, Literature and Writing, Technical Theatre, and Theatre.

Interviews and auditions for each scholarship are held for first-year students during the spring prior to enrollment.

$1,500 per year for up to four years
Must follow department's criteria for renewal

Latina Leadership Partner Scholarship

Awarded to full-time first-year or transfer Lehigh Valley Latina students in partnership with the Latino Leadership Alliance of the Lehigh Valley. Two applicants are chosen each year. Award is based on record of academic excellence and leadership.

$5,000 per year for up to four years
Must remain in good academic standing for renewal

Deadline to apply is April 15: download the application (PDF)

Girl Scout Scholarship Awards

Cedar Crest College is dedicated to educating the next generation of leaders by preparing the whole student for life in the global community. Recognizing and valuing the commitment of the Girl Scouts to similar objectives in the areas of service, leadership, achievement, and cooperation, two scholarships are available for entering students that have demonstrated a commitment as a Girl Scout. One scholarship of $5,000 will be given to a Girl Scout Gold Award recipient and up to five $1,000 scholarships will be given for involvement at the high school level in Girl Scouts. Scholarships will be renewed for four (4) consecutive years, pending the student’s successful academic progress and enrollment full-time.

Deadline to apply is March 1: download the application (PDF)

Heritage Award

Awarded to traditional full-time students whose parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle is a graduate of a Cedar Crest College undergraduate degree program.

$2,000 per year for up to four years
Must remain in good academic standing for renewal

Sibling Award

Awarded to traditional, full-time sibling concurrently enrolled during the regular academic year (Fall/Spring).

$2,000 per student, per year for up to four years
Must remain in good academic standing for renewal

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Transfer Student Scholarships

Awarded to transfer students based on their cumulative transfer GPA from all transfer institutions. The Presidential, Trustee, and Founders Scholarships are automatically renewed each year provided the student maintains a 2.5 cumulative GPA and retains a full-time student status.

Presidential Scholarship
$11,000, 3.5 – 4.0 cumulative GPA

Trustee Scholarship
$9,000, 3.3 – 3.49 cumulative GPA

Founders Scholarship
$7,000, 3.0 – 3.29 cumulative GPA

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship
$4,000, issued to members of Phi Theta Kappa, the honor society for two-year colleges. To be eligible, the student must have completed 24 transferable credit hours, and plan to enroll as a traditional full-time student at Cedar Crest College. The student must enroll at Cedar Crest immediately following the two-year college. Proof of induction (certificate of induction) must be submitted to Admissions prior to matriculation at Cedar Crest College in order to receive scholarship.


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